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Bad Mother Fucker Beard Company Beard Oil Giveaway

I’ve been to stores, gotten recommendations from friends, overheard people chatting in bars, seen posts on Twitter, taken polls in the school yard, asked ladies in the bathroom (yes I’ve done this!) as to what people want! Low and behold here are some of the fun, cool, interesting, artisan, indulgent items I have found! I’m not going to give you the cookie cutter list of items that you’re going to find on every other blog post with the same regurgitated items (sorry folks, but I’m noticing, its ALL THE SAME STUFF.).

So sit back, scroll and click away behind that computer screen with great gift ideas for friends, stocking stuffers and “fren-emies” (those politically correct gifts you need to give those co-workers and family members you hate so they aren’t butt-hurt they didn’t get something too as you’re showering your favorite people with the awesome stuff in front of them!)

These items are found at mainstream major retail stores, start-up websites, Artisan shops, Farmer’s Markets (website provided) and Facebook pages).

Pineapple House Creations Soy Candles, $10-16, Who doesn’t love to get a the gift of light during the Holiday’s? Well, this company has in Pennsylvania has done an amazing job at making gorgeous candles and they have an extensive collection of fragrances to help you indulge your senses, including some of my personal favorite fragrances, including Orange Chocolate, Cupcake, Mulberry and Plumeria! Pineapple House Creations also has a line of spa products you should check out to accompany with your lovely artisan candle!

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mason2 Gleener, The Ultimate Fuzz Remover $19.99, This is available online ONLY at the www.thegrommet.com, a cool start-up supporting e-merchant. This is another awesome gift to give & get! You may want to pick one up for yourself as well! This is the BEST link remover ever! You are basically telling whoever you give this to that you are ready to be BFFS. Seriously, any person that cares enough to watch out for another person’s appearance OBVIOUSLY cares deeply… Right? BFF material in my book! 949hero_1   Suedois Euphorium Brooklyn $4-180.00, available at Twisted Lily. This is a gorgeous fragrance that is also unisex. Luxurious, sexy and full of mystery. This smells of Sandalwood, leather, vanilla, flowers and spice. (…and that something you can’t quite put your finger on, but it is quite magical to the senses once it has sat on the skin for a moment and alerted everyone around you.)

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SPibelt Running Belts $19.95, this is available at the Grommet. This is a cool item for your outdoorsy friend that is always on the go! Ideal for the runner, biker or hiker! Fits snug, flat and discretely on the body. No need for bulk like the traditional fanny packs that jiggle and jumble and fumble and flop!   spibeltmain_2 Ipsy Subscription $10 a month (buy a 4-6 months as a gift!) This is the most amazing gift you can give your pal that is into trying new makeup and skin care goodies! You get deluxe size samples and sometimes even full size product along with promotional codes exclusive to Ipsy subscribers! Totally the best box out there on the subscription box market and I tell you this because I have subscribed to them all! 11846631_10153668520884416_2684967334041384425_n

The “FRENEMY” GIFT – Bracelet Sets $3-20 You can find these online and in the store. These are great for your friends and the “fren-emies” to keep the office at bay and people not feeling strange during the holiday’s when the whole gift exchange thing is going down. Yeah, I know, why give to someone you don’t like? Well, maybe it may change things up between the two of you… OR fuck it! – Tis the season, buy it for yourself! 26401694 Bad Mother Fucker Beard Company – Beard Oil $17-22.95, Most of us know a guy or two with a beard these days and most of the beards we see look like crap! Let’s be honest, most men don’t know how to take care of their beards. SO this awesome guy Austin concocted this magical potion to make the man-mane glisten, get softened and crying out loud SMELL BETTER! Yeah… I said it. Bad Mother Fucker Beard Oil has a huge array of aroma’s to fancy your man’s sniffer, and YOURS, since you will be the one digging your face into it. Some of the awesome fragrances available include American Pie (Smells well like PIE!), Morning Wood (Cedarwood & Sandalwood), Marks Apeshit (Lavender, Sandalwood & Bergamot) and McGurt’s White Magic (Whiskey, Beer & Tobacco). There is MORE fragrances and products, so check out the site! THERE WILL BE A RAFFLE FOR THIS PRODUCT! SO ENTER BELOW!  

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Chevalier Collection – The Stemless $56, Alright the party has JUST BEGUN. This made my MORNING, NOON and NIGHT. I saw this on Twitter and decided that I NEEDED to have it. I will be ordering myself one soon. This is the PERFECT gift for ANY red wine lover! Letting your wine breath always makes it taste better, so then you use a wine aerator. The Chevalier Collection has come up with something genius! Why not just make it built into the glass!  And there you have it, a sexy stemless, transparent wine glass that takes exquisite red wines to another level and will tickle your gift recipient’s pallets so much more that they may just drink a whole bottle or two a of wine on their own! This comes boxed as a pair and can be purchased online at Uncommon Goods.


Angel’s Envy – Cask Strength Bourbon, $375 – This is a limited release (fewer than 8,000 bottles) bourbon for the refined bourbon drinker. The bourbon smells like camel and citrus, yet is described to taste like pound cake and candy corn with berries… OH MY! This is available at BevMo.caskbottle2015 Pillow and Pocket Lingerie Sachets, $8.71, A little lavender for your friend or your frenemy’s panty drawer is such a cool gift! Who doesn’t want to find the brave man gazing up at you when you’re reaching in for your black lace unmentionables.


Marni Boyfriend Jeans, $380 This was a popular gift request! JEANS! The ladies want high end jeans! So here are a couple. I personally really love the fabric texture and fit on most bodies on for the brand Marni. The brand is pretty close on being graded true to size, so your 6 is not going to be a 2 – no need to worry! I will give you three idea’s for high-end jeans under $400.

Marni Jeans (Seen Below $380)


Frame Demin ‘Le High Skinny’ Destroyed Jeans $239 (Below)


Hudson ‘Elysian-Nico’ Super Skinny $198


The Prynt Case $129 Give the gift of instant pictures! It’s a Smartphone case that scans the pictures and spits them out! Absolutely genius. Now you need to read the fine print on this one, I believe this one is in the PRE-ORDER process SO your gift will be an IOU, but it will be an AWESOME IOU upon delivery! Just give them a print out with the details and a nice card and some candy to make up for the fact that it’s being made for them.


Gentleman’s Box, Monthly Subscription Box $25  Gift him as many months as you can and I am SURE that he will continue the subscription on his own! This boxes are amazing! Gentleman’s boxes are carefully curated to a specific theme each month giving an honorable nod to a noteworthy gentleman. The Gentleman selected for month of November was filmmaker, George Lucas for giving to his community (housing project to be completed by approx. 2019), and all his charitable contributions. The November subscription box contained a Kiko Leather Passport Case; Happy Socks; eBarbershop Comb; Woodchuck USA Wooden Luggage Tag; Jack Black Supreme Shave Cream; English Laundry Cologne sample; and subscribers get a subscription to GQ magazine as well. (Next month Gentleman will be featuring Tom Cruise! BUT you need to read my blog post on the Gentleman’s Box to find out more!)


Henri Bendel, Luxe Tritone Wrap Barrel Ring $138 We ALL want jewelry, (women that is…) not a single man said, “hey I would love a ring!” But ladies, oh yeah… Well, let me throw a special one at ya! Check out this awesome ring by Henri Bendel! It is quite the conversation piece. It is available in size 6-10.


Romanicos Chocolates $16+ This is absolutely amazing chocolate! Artisan chocolate from Miami. Comes in array of tropical fruit flavors and is incredibly artistic! Check out the site, well worth it! They even do custom orders…



Well, this concludes my list. I hope this helps you on your mission to find something different and cool for the Holiday’s!

CONTESTS- start 11/20 and end 11/27. 

I would love to hear what you have to say! What do gift would you like to get this year? Leave your comment below. Oh yeah and Subscribe already!





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