Guard your paper towels with a VRemi Paper Towel Holder

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Guard your paper towels with a VRemi Paper Towel Holder! I know, paper towels can be wasteful BUT we all use them. 

Vremi Decorative Paper Towel Holder looks great and is beyond easy to use. It is definitely another successful creation from Vremi!

The holder comes pre-assembled and has non-slip pads. However, the pads are not quite sufficient. 

To alleviate this, I put a couple lines of hot glue at the bottom and it fixed the slippery issue.


My old paper towel holder didn’t protect my paper towels like this one does. I frequently had water splash on my old dispenser/towels and other stuff spray onto the towels making the first few towels dirty and found myself tossing them. 
THAT WAS WASTEFUL. This actually has eliminated extra waste for our home in the paper towel department.

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