Truthful Review: Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device

Truthful Review: Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device

Truthful Review: Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device

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I got the Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device free and/or at a discounted rate. All opinions herewith are Truthful Reviews, Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device was tested by me, opinions are my own.

We all dread the day we look in the mirror and see the horrible wrinkles around our eyes and there isn’t a whole lot we can do except for wish upon the stars that the jars of cream you paid $100 for will actually make it look better.

I had the opportunity to try TOUCHBeauty Anti-Aging Device to attempt and rid me of my unsightly wrinkles and darkness under my eyes. 

I am a fan of the “knife & needle”, but think that if there is an alternative to this that can actually work and give results, at home, then why not?

touchbeauty pen
Right Side- Affected Area (Before)

The Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device is kind of like a heated, vibrating pen that is easy to use. 

You simply hold it and press the metal point onto your skin; this will instantly create conduction between you and the device- then you just glide it along the eye area.

touchbeauty pen
During Use 10/5

I noticed that it works best to use the Touch Beauty Anti-Aging Wrinkle Device with a heavy night cream; this way the device glides easier across your delicate eye area and you notice the “temporary result” quicker.

touchbeauty pen
After Immediate Use 10/5

Honestly, I haven’t seen improvement to the eye area since I got this device. I haven’t had relief with dark circles as it claims to help out with, in addition to smoothing fine lines and creases.

AP&Primera Division, Luxury Business Unit

The device DOES temporarily help out with the puffiness for a moment, but the result dissipates just as quickly as the process of making the eye area smooth.


The Verdict:

I my opinion, there is a possibility that with continued longevity of use by someone super young as a preventative measure may help, but for anyone over 35, this is not the answer.

Save your pennies ladies and gents and go get work done or buy yourself one of those creams that give you a longer temporary fix – this is an awesome idea, but it just doesn’t work.

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