Look babe! The grill utensils match!

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Aristocratic Homewares BBQ Utensils

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This was a technically a gift for my husband for Father's Day BUT secretly, it was for both of us, as I do a lot of barbecuing at home and I like my things to be "pretty".

These grilling utensils are actually pretty good quality, considering that they are fairly inexpensive. The tongs are hands down my favorite of the trio, as they have a really great tension to them and are pretty comfortable to handle. All three utensils survived the dishwasher, as I am a fan of "supreme sanitation", when it comes to my cooking tools. They did not hold/drip dishwasher liquids (yuck) after removing them from the dishwasher and they continued to work just as well.

Aesthetically speaking, they are beautiful as they have a nice brushed finish to the handles and have a great looking polished steel utensil that actually works very well. The only drawback was that my spatula came with a very small dent on it that I look at every time I use it (there goes the OCD kicking in…) My husband was eager to use the barbecue tools and we just kept them, as this did not affect the function of the utensil itself and I guess this teaches me a lesson too, not everything needs to be perfect!

So now that you have read this, I can feel you thinking "I need this! Where do I buy it?" I AM GOING TO TELL YOU! Once you get your hands on the  Aristocrat Homewares 3-pc. Grill Set from Amazon.com you will be super

happy! I swear your meals might just even taste better…
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