Dollar Shave Club Tamed the Fur on both of us

crazy cave man beard

*Product provided, opinions are my own.

My husband and I go through TONS of razors every few weeks, particularly my husband as he needs to tame his out of control facial hair that grows everywhere making him look like a crazy cave man! When it’s time for ME to use the razor cartridges they are all GONE!

Personally, I purchase the men’s razors as they work a lot better. I have noticed that in the winter, I shave my legs and armpits far less than I do in the summer and spring months, since I am all covered up. But honestly, when three weeks of growth on my legs have passed, all hell has broken loose and it’s a two razor project! SO, I decided that I would give Dollar Shave Club a holler and try them out for Jim’s sake and mine!

Dollar Shave Club

We got our two sets of razors. The blue and the “heavy-duty” white. Dollar Shave Club also included a Dr. Carver’s shave balm that has a great fragrance filled with all sorts of oils to moisturize your skin and get those hairs softer for a better shave. Watch the video of Jim shave below.

I needed a little extra time to grow my hair out, so I lagged a bit on this post. I needed to be authentic on this, two weeks went by and I FINALLY was able to shave my pits for you as I can’t really drag my phone into the shower.

Here’s Jim’s take on the goods:
Love the razor. Very comfortable, nice that I only need one to get the job done. I don’t like the shave cream/balm/lotion (whatever this stuff is!). You need A LOT. It is not good for guys like myself with full beards and thick hair. I am a fan of this and would subscribe to Dollar Shave Club.

My take on the goods:
I like the blue handle razor. It is comfortable, has a nice weight and the 4 blade cartridges are easy to insert. It did not give me razor rash as some razors give this to me when I shave my legs (won’t mention any brands). I actually like the Dr. Carver’s shave balm. I think it is good for finer hair. It left my skin soft and shiny afterwards. I would subscribe to Dollar Shave Club as well. It is great for men and women.

Check them out! Don’t let yourself looking like Chubaca and subscribe, you will be super happy you did!



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