Super Cool Techy Tools! Wireless Optical Pen Mouse

If you love fun new technology stuff, then this Super Cool Techy tool  Wireless Optical Pen Mouse is for you! I love it when I get an opportunity to try it! This was provided and all opinions are my own for this product.

The Wireless Optical Pen Mouse, honestly is pretty rad once you get the hang of using it!
I have carpal tunnel and am supposed to use the roller ball mouse – which I despise! So I just use the touch pad on my mac and WISH I had a mouse…

Super Cool Techy Tools! Wireless Optical Pen Mouse

The Wireless Optical Pen-style Mouse is my answer! The Pen-style mouse is ergo correct, comfortable to use while cradled in my hand and has USB, I hold it like a pencil.

I can easily manipulate it anywhere around my computer as long as the surface is compatible with the mouse AND it’s pretty cool looking!

My favorite feature is the scrolling, this has simplified my life immensely.

For me, the downside is that the mouse did not come preloaded with batteries. The lack of the manufacturer not including batteries is a big ugly no-no and this delays the use of the product, which sometimes makes you lose your excitement over being able to use your new product right away. Kind of a bummer, don’t you think…

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Once I got the batteries in the mouse, it was all good! This is mouse pen is also a great alternative for left handed individuals! My kid is a lefty and totally uses this! There is no need to switch the mode over, just point, click and scroll away!

If you too have carpal tunnel syndrome or just want to check it out for yourself, it’s available at If you sign up for Prime, you can get it in a couple of days!

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