Awesome super cheap makeup brushes by Elroyel

Awesome super cheap makeup brushes by Elroyel.

The Elroyel Makeup Brush Set was provided. All opinions herewith are my own.

Makeup Brush Lowdown

Sometimes you realize that no matter how much you clean your little brush set you got a few years ago, it just looks trashed. My solution is to just start from scratch! Toss those old brushes and check out the awesome super cheap makeup brushes by Elroyel.

Personally, I am a gal that needs to wear makeup and wears minimal amounts to get maximum effects in my everyday routine. To get this, I need my tools! So of course, I’m gonna give any beautiful new brush a spin. Especially one that has a great price point and is good looking.

The brush set is very complete! It has quite a collection of essential and extra necessary brushes that you find yourself needing on a daily basis, when you’re trying to get your routine on point.- like a good crease or brow brush.

The brushes handle pigment well; plus the fibers don’t stain so when you wash the brushes they clean up well AND the brush bristles don’t break after washing them – which is a plus!

Using the Makeup Brushes

The foundation brush is great for wet/dry foundations and I REALLY like using this particular brush for contouring. I know, it’s not the contour brush, BUT it works beautifully!

I found that the best way to use the blush brush is to twirl it in the pallet and pick up the color. Pat or press the color onto your skin in an upward motion. This will give you a beautiful, rich application.

I like that the brushes aren’t rough on your eyelids and face. I think that the handle can be a little longer on the kabuki brush, but the bristles are wonderful otherwise.

Yay or Nay?

I recommend purchasing this set of brushes. They are great as a gift and a great beginner set as well. I think you will love it as much as I do!

Find the makeup brushes on and join the bright side of Elroyel.

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