Is the Virtual Reality Fad Overrated 

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Am I doing it wrong or is the Virtual Reality Fad Overrated? 

I was just recently given a unit to review and honestly didn’t fall in love with the experience. 

The headset is cool, but honestly I would rather experience a Barco Screen surrounding me over something strapped to my face.

I didn’t hate the experience, it just wasn’t my favorite. 

I’m not the biggest fan of digital imagery in complete darkness and a screen being so close to my eyes. 

But I do love the fact that it’s a fun, new way to experience the ever evolving Mobil technology. 

You can find VR footage on YouTube and there is more available online when you search your favorite browser. 

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The Vatos unit I have is simple to use and comfortable to wear, although it’s a bit awkward to watch if you don’t have a phone with a large enough screen. 

The unit is completely adjustable and fits adults & children. It can be wiped clean and the straps can come off.

My kids really enjoyed the VR unit more than any adult I know that has tried it. Then again, younger generations are used to the small screens and personalized experiences.

I found that my male adult friends that play video games enjoyed trying this device more than my female friends that tried the Vatos Virtual Reality device.

You can pick up Virtual Reality units at a bunch of different price points. They range from $10-$399. 

This particular unit by Vatos Toys Direct sells for $49.99 and is currently on sale on for $14.99. 

This is a great gift for men or women that are into gaming or tech gadgets. 

In my opinion, it’s a bit overrated BUT I’m a bit old school and the new generations love it. Basically, this fad may just be here to stay as some companies and police departments are using this technology for training. 

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