Reflecting on a Hair Rut that has Resurrected

A couple of years ago I was in this hair rut that all I did was pull it in a pony tail and call it a day. I felt ugly and drab and decided to turn to my almighty cell phone for a little much needed confidence and search for a bit of motivation to keep my locks long. So I turned to Pinterest and started trying a new updo everyday, or at least several times a week. That was short lived and I just cut my hair and liberated my feelings of boredom and ugly hair, but gained a whole new world of frustration… Ay Dios! (Oh God!) Revenge of the Curly Hair Fro! So I had to straighten my hair everyday in order to look cute.



My hair is once again kind of long and I am in this “rut”. I have decided I am not going to cut my hair. I am going to try styles and colors. Nothing too crazy, I have lived through the blues and greens already and I am not at that place in my life anymore. But red and pink hues are a do. I am turning to my readers for suggestions. And my next question to you, “To bang” or “Not to bang”? You be the judge. See images of me with and without below.


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