The Jam Verdict 

So we have all heard the mention of Jamberry nail wraps either on FB or your evil neighbor has tried to get you to go to a party to buy them. WELL, I tried them! 
I’m typically a lacquer gal, I mean I freelance for Butter London, lacquer/cosmetics company- that’s how much I love polish! But my motto is, I must try everything once! And honestly, you can combine these awesome appliqués with your laquer. 

My friend Danette, owner of the e-boutique Dannijams sent over a couple sets of the wraps and you can watch me try them out on my Mama In Black tries Jamberry’s YouTube Video (short).     Application is easy, clean and doesn’t require a lot of prep per prescribed directions. I however, suggest you protect your nails. I used Nail Foundation by Butter London to protect, fill ridges & give my nails a smooth canvas for the wraps to adhere onto.

After wearing the wraps for 5 days, my nails started to lift at the corners on my index finger and thumb. I buffed the edges and gained relief from lifting corners.

On day 8, most of the edges started to lift again, so I decided to remove the wraps. I did so by soaking my nails in acetone for about a minute and used my cuticle pusher to easily lift/peel off. 

The verdict: BUY THEM! Great designs, fun overlays to add onto your existing lacquer and it’s far less expensive than getting a mani. 

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