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There is nothing more amazing than looking down at beautifully pedicured feet; it makes you feel good about yourself. I used to go ALL THE TIME to get a pedi, but I unfortunately caught a foot fungus (eew!) and swore I would only get them done in really high-end salon’s or spa’s but cannot always afford that luxury.

I paint my nails at home very frequently, but always have the issue that many other pedicure lovers run into – your toes rub into each other and the lacquer smudges. Oof! This makes me CRAZY because I then feel the need to do the nail(s) all over again!

Have not fear, Dip into Pretty is here! I recently tried some awesome silicone toe separators that are individual toe separators and are not your typical foam bar separator that is one size fits most that usually falls off and smudges the nails more. Besides, these are super cute! Mine was tiny ice cream cones, who doesn’t love ice cream?

These come in a handful of styles and are super affordable. They stay in place, the toe separators are comfortable and not awkward to wear at all. These are easy to walk with as well. I like that they have their own little organza bag for convenient storage and I honestly will take these to the salon or spa with me next time when I get a pedicure.

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This is a great hostess gift or even bridesmaid gift to give now that wedding season is about to come into full swing!



A mí me encanta pintarme las uñas pero odio cuando se me daña el esmalte.

Acabo de ensayar Dip into Pretty y descubrí que estos separadores de silicona evitan que se me dañe el esmalte porque me separa los dedos de los pies! A de más, los separadores son súper lindos! Los que conseguí son en forma de helados!

Este es un modo muy agenció de hacerse el pedi porque uno se lleva los separadores a su casa un la bolsita de organza.

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