Review: Sheaterra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap (Facial Cleanser) 

This is probably one of my new loved products in the last few months of trying goodies! As always, I am always truthful and am not paid by ANYONE for my opinions, just putting it out there for the consumer that is going to buy something new, as I have purchased items in the past and have been super bummed wishing I had known more.


IT’S CLAIM: It is like a “Microdermabrasion on your skin in a bottle”. Made from Ancient African Formula & African Active Ingredients.


I just can’t get enough! I finished the bottle and was totally devastated when I ran out. The product is thick and has a tar-like consistency when it first pours out onto your hand; I emulsified it and a glorious smell emerged and took over the shower, as that is where I used it… I washed my face and it felt radiant! It cleared my skin within a few days. I had some blemishes from another product I was testing out and the product absolutely delivered!Towards the end of the bottle, the wash became grainier and had an odd consistency, but adding a little bit of water made it better and didn’t affect the way the cleanser worked for ME.

The initial 1 oz. bottle, trial size I had, lasted 2 weeks. I needed to purchase MORE! Can be purchased online in the price range of $15-$25, depending on where you go.


1. If you plan on using this product, you MUST use a toner after use. Your face is squeaky clean after use and that typically means that it has stripped your face of neede oils to keep it Ph. This is NOT a bad thing, you just need a toner to normalize your skin.

2. Use a great moisturizer! If you are giving yourself a deep cleansing on a daily basis, it is absolutely necessary that you use a really GOOD face cream, so invest a few extra dollars people!

3. Your face will feel a little tight after washing.  o


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  1. So you mentioned moisturizer. I am always on the hunt for a moisturizer for combination skin.

    Any recommendations?

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