This comfortably priced and beautifully packaged product promises so many benefits, as all other BB creams out on the market today; LANEIGE is supposed to stand out it as the product is delivered to you on a sponge within a beautiful compact in which an “air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup.” The product contains Broad Spectrum SPF50+ Sunscreen and is sweatproof.

Typically when I test out a BB Cream/Primer/Face Cream, I like to use it for about a month, unless I have a really bad experience with the product and immediately discontinue use.

I have to say that initially I fell completely IN LOVE with the product.  The packaging is beautiful, the price is great, I actually found this at Target on sale after seeing it in a magazine in my doctor’s office. I paid $34.99 + tax. The first time I used it it made me want to sing! The application was a little tricky, trying to figure out how many times to press the sponge in and get the right amount of product on my face to get proper coverage, but after the presses and for each swipe on my face I figured it out! My complexion appeared very even and dewy.  Looked wonderful and I received many compliments that day, in fact, I was told I looked very well rested. I found that the product took two good face washes to remove.

I did however notice that the BB cream does not play well with certain brands of powdered cosmetics, such as setting powders, powder blushes highlighters; it made my skin tone “orange” or the colors change. I had better luck with cream products for highlighters and blushes.

I DID use almost all of the product but had to discontinue use as my skin started to look dull and I began to develop blackheads and other blemishes that is was not accustom to having prior to use.

I feel that I began to develop the acne from dipping my sponge into a sponge and then covering my sponge with the compact and the products sponge harboring bacteria. I did wash the sponge that I applied the product with BUT cannot clean the product’s sponge, so I m thinking this is where the issue lies… One may never know.

With this said, overall:

YES – It has great coverage!

YES – The price is right!

YES – It contains SPF (But you MUST reapply ladies, and it doesn’t play well, so be choosy with your products).

NO – It doesn’t work well with all cosmetics.




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