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*Product was provided, all opinions are my own.

I feel that sometimes fragrances and their “creators” have little inspiration to explain their sweet idea behind the fragrance that is being presented to the world. Suedois’ tantalizing fragrance has captured everything the creators had to say with the very ingredients added in a seductive kind of way.

 Suedois, the Story – (Story provided by Euphorium Brooklyn) A curious event took place on at the Eurphorium Brooklyn late in the year 1852. A dinner party was arranged by the three perfumers to welcome the celebrated opera singer, Ms. Lind, to New York City at the outset of her first American tour. No other guests were in attendance or accounts of the evening were vague at best. Although reportedly able to dimly recollect a cocktail reception for Ms. Lind at her arrival, all participants experienced a complete memory loss of the proceedings, following the presentation of Ms. Linda of a flacon of SUEDOIS eau de parfum. Awakened by Ms. Lind’s attendant in the early morning hours on the next day in the varying states of undress to the dense aroma of sandalwood, suede, wildflowers, spice, berries, sweet cream, and the soft pale skin of a Swede, the four had apparently no knowledge of what might had taken place in the tender hours of the night. Leaving the arms of Morpheus and the grand “Sleep of Sialam (Shailom)” to wake exposed, but sated and contented in the ways of society most secret, the four remained close for the remainder of their lives.


I was super excited upon receipt of my samples of Suedois by Euphorium Brooklyn sent to me by Twisted Twisted Lily. When I opened the vial I was immediately rushed with the delicious aroma of a spicy, floral, vanilla paradise that was begging to be dabbed behind my wrists! I immediately went and washed off what I was wearing and tried it the fragrance on.

I found that it did not mix well with my Secret (Summerberry) deodorant, as the smells clashed – to me. (I have a rather sensitive sniffer.) I tried the fragrance again on another occasion with an alternate deodorant, Degree (Unscented) and I had no clashing of the fragrances for obvious reasons, letting me actually enjoy the scent and see how it works with the chemistry of my body.

I like that the scent did not change much and stayed “true” to its original identity for the majority of the day on my skin with my body chemistry. I like that the perfume is not offensive and scares a room away AND I love that I had two people ask me what I was wearing and compliment me on the fragrance.

Would I buy this fragrance? I would! I probably would give it as a gift, as I think this would be a great item to get. Especially when you are stuck on gift-giving for the modern-day individual that has everything (yes, this is for both women AND men!).


Suédois_EB_Female_4    SUÉDOIS_EB_Male_1


I have a vial of SUEDOIS Euphorium Brooklyn for one lucky winner! Click Here to enter to win! Starts 11/04/15 a.m. PST and ends 11/11/15 at 12:00 p.m. PST. Open to everyone over the age of 18. Winner must reside in the United States. WILL NOT ship outside of the United States.



I would LOVE to hear from you! Do you wear perfume everyday? Are you a sweet, spicy or clean fragrance kinda person?

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