Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics COLORED Gel Push-up Liner

*All opinions are my own, product was provided. – this is not a sponsored post. (I WISH it was!)

I originally was NOT a fan of the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner, as I thought the liner was hard to work with and I didn’t like the way the product came out of the tip. I felt like the original formula was dry and came out kinda strange when I was going to apply it. I later learned how to properly use it.

Benefit is launching their new colored They’re Real Push-up Liner’s on June 26, 2015 and I was lucky to get a couple of colors to try out prior to the launch! I was provided with a Beyond Brown Gel Liner and Beyond Green Gel Liner.

 Lets start with the consistency, I feel like the colored formula to the gel is better than its original black gel formula. Both colors seem to glide on with a much smoother delivery. Also, when you first apply the product, it is not dry or “chunky” as it comes out of the tube.

The application is the same as the original liner, but really packs a fun punch of color.  The green is a luscious shade of green, not very light – ideal for a fun new look and going out. Great with for summer!  The brown is a beautiful rich chocolate-brown, great for everyday wear if you do not want to wear the dramatic black. This is great for the lady that wants a little drama but doesn’t want to feel way out of the box.

This gel liner is really easy to apply if you have not tried it, like all things, practice makes perfect. You will want to practice a for a couple of times to get the hang of it and get the perfect cat eye or lash hugging, eye-opening look.

Step by Step Use of Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

When you first open your liner, turn it 20 (twenty times), this will dispense the gel to the tip of the liner pen. once product comes out, wipe it off.

Next you want to dispense gel for your first use. Give it one full turn to dispense the correct amount of product – remember, a little bit goes a long way with this. You can always go back and add more if needed.  Apply three stamped dots of gel along the lash line.

 With the rubber tipped pen, connect the dots along your lash line. Go back and get the corners to get an aesthetically pleasing look to your eye.

Once you have perfected your line, you can either make it thick by doing the same process or leave it as it. I like a thinner line for the day and thicker for the night or fun occasions.   You can give yourself a winged look “Cat Eyes” by taking the pen and holding it from your nostril and angling it to the edge of your eye. This will make your eyes look the same and you will get a full proof cat eye. Once you stamp the wing on, you will then connect it to the liner that is already applied to your lash line. And that’s it! Great looking eyes with all day wear.  Remember, you need waterproof makeup remover OR any oil based makeup remover to get this sucker off. It is Sweat proof, Smudge proof and Racoon Eye proof!

 The launch will include two other awesome colors, blue and purple! I can’t wait to get my hands on the purple! You can purchase these products at Benefit Cosmetics (online)Ulta Beauty, and Macy’s for $24 after June 26, 2015.

* Stay tuned for my next makeup review, I will be doing my sad little brows!

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