Mini Mommy Revamp! Makeup Classes by Me

I did a fun little class at a meet-up and showed some stay at home moms some fun, easy to do looks for going out with what they already have on hand! I asked each of them to bring everything they use and own that is considered a cosmetic, so we can get a clear idea of what we had to work with for each individual.

I brought my own TINY stockpile of brushes, lipsticks, concealers and mascaras that I could SELL to as well if they needed the items, as not all women know you need stuff… And of course my kit.

First we went through their makeup and disposed of old cosmetics. Here are some red flags that you may have some old makeup:

1. Bad smells – you WILL KNOW if a lipstick has turned!

2. Mold – bubbling up appearance on the shadows.

3. Any Foundation/Cream or Lotion that smells rotted; dried; or has oil separation.

  • Items DO last longer than expiration dates on your cosmetics. Keep them CLEAN and smell them. Do your best NOT to share! Especially Mascara, unless you own extra wands.
  • Ladies, don’t share that eyeliner, unless you plan on sharpening that baby every time you use it!
  • Clean your brushes with BABY SHAMPOO and let them dry overnight. This will help out a lot too!

Here is a couple of the results for the day (one of my gals only got an after picture and I didn’t get pictures of 2 others):




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