Liquid Lipstick Love

Every brand seems to be in with trend. First it was gloss, but now brands are answering our prayers and delivering high pigment, long lasting color in a tube with everyone’s favorite method of application, the wand! 

I do love my traditional lipsticks, but I like that I don’t have to use a lip brush to apply a precise application of beautiful color while I’m out and about. I’m a bit anal retentive about lip perfection without the liner, especially since it’s hard for a gal to easily find a good matching liner. (Okay, I’m rambling on now…)

So, I’m going to tell you MY favorite brands of liquid lipstick that have insane staying power! 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, Lip Stain (Matte) $36 – this glides on velvety, stains your lips and lasts all day! Hands down my favorite of all the brands I have tried. Warning- you need to clean up quickly if you get it outside of your lip area or hands, it really does stain. (Took me 3 hand washings to get the red off my fingers! – good stuff!)

The Balm, Meet Matt(e) Hughs, $17– great delivery of color and really stays on. Glides on like a gel and dries quickly, leaving lips matte. 
Butter London, Lippy Liquid Lipstick $19 – gorgeous array of colors in high pigment. Has medium to long wear. It is not matte, nice satin to shiny finish – not sticky. They ALSO have a line of glosses, we will cover that on another day, they are awesome too! 
Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Gloss, $22 – high gloss liquid lipstick. Very high pigment, very high staying power. NOTE: you NEED the lip primer for this.

Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Liquid Lacquer, $24 – glides on smooth, smells good and has a great choice of colors. Doesn’t quite wear as long as I hoped it would, be it feels nice on the lips and again the colors are great!

Now you know some of my favorites, comment below and tell me yours!

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