Keshima Ultimate Skin Brightening Cream 

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I have had MANY issues with hyper pigmentation since I gave birth to my second child in 2010. I have to say that many times, I have been sadly disappointed, so I tried Keshima Ultimate Skin Brightening Cream with much caution and was absolutely pleased with the results! kashima skin brightening cream 
On day one of using Keshima Ultimate Skin Brightening Cream, I actually “felt” the product working! I applied the cream to my freshly washed face and upon application, the cream absorbed very quickly! I also felt what I describe as a “stingle” on my skin.
 I continued to apply Keshima Skin Brightening Cream twice a day, and on the seventh day I began to see changes in my skin tone and some of the hyper pigmented spots starting to fade! On day ten, I was happy to see that my skin was noticeably more radiant!

 I hands down recommend Keshima Ultimate Skin Brightening Cream! It works very quickly and has a nice citrus scent, with a great texture to the cream. I recommend that you apply the product to your ENTIRE face, not just the affected areas in order to gain an even skin tone. ALSO, please use with sunblock to prevent future hyper pigmentation and protection with a hyper exfoliating cream like this. I used two pumps for my entire face and a bit on my neck to make it all appear balanced out evenly.

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