How does “It” Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye measure up?

I’ve got MAD under eye circles genetically and I tend to use professional concealers under my eyes and brighteners. It Cosmetics has a concealer that promises this type of coverage WITH hydration and nutrients. I got a travel size to put it to the test! 

The shade I got is Medium, as I’m a kinda tan-ISH gal. 

Upon opening the tube, it came out like a thick paste (not sure how I feel about this…)

I applied it under my eyes and surrounding affected dark areas. 

It Cosmetics’ formula doesn’t glide on easily and if you’ve got some mileage on you (older gal- like me! LOL) the concealer doesn’t fill in your wrinkles, it sets in and makes them say “HELLO! Look at me!” 

In my opinion, it DOES have the following:

  • Superior coverage for dark circles and blemishes;
  • Nutrition for your skin to lighten dark circles (Vitamin K);
  • Nutrition to rebuild collagen (Vitamin C);

In my opinion, it DOES NOT perform in the following ways:

  • Highlight the eyes very well;
  • Crease

The concealer takes a little more work as well. You need to emulsify the product prior to application; then applied to the affected areas. This is a step that makes your rushed morning routine slow down a bit. Personally, I don’t think that I would purchase this product again as I need something that is more hydrating and illuminates my I area better. I also need a product that I can just apply quickly. 

The results look good from afar but if you look carefully it’s not so fabulous.

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