Feeling Super with Super Vitamin C Serum

I received this product free and/or at a discounted rate for my unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own. 
Ever have that not so fresh feeling? Remember those commercials? Ok, now image that on your face! It’s dull, overtired looking and begging for love from all the wrong places until you discover that there’s hope out there for your undress mug! 

Ah yes, it’s Vitamin C Serum with L Ascorbic Acid! New York Biology has brought the power of beauty at a not breaking the bank price. No need to save up, no need to snag an online coupon, just run over here to Amazon and pick it up; then watch the magic happen! 

I noticed a much needed glow added to my skin in literally DAYS! Nine is the magic number! You need to use it religiously on clean skin, but it does the job! 

The serum has a nice, light fragrance and does not burn or irritate skin after use. Does not make skin tacky or oxidize you makeup after use (YAY!). 

I found that this absorbs very quickly and you do need to use about a whole dropper to get maximum effects & application on you face, neck & ears (important area that people forget!).

I think this is an excellent choice for Vitamin C Serum and recommend use for anyone after their mid 20s. Click here to purchase New York Biology Vitamin C Serum on Amazon.com.

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