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I was recently in total hair rut and feeling ugly. Many MONTHS passed since I colored my hair and eSalon came to the rescue!  The process was so simple!

I signed up as a user on eSalon, completed a profile by filling out a few simple questions about my hair, my needs and appearance, followed by uploading  a couple of photographs of myself to get a more precise match/color formulation developed for me.

Upon completing my questionnaire I was prompted to select subscription options, which are well worth the price, as it’s less expensive than premium boxed hair color from the drug store and it is a high quality, custom formulation.


eSalon Hair Color Review Subscription Color Match
My eSalon hair color shipment arrived about 4-5 days after I placed the order. I was totally thrilled to open my package and check out the goods! I colored my hair two days later.

eSalon gives you step by step instructions and all the instruments you will need to get the job done!

  • Part, Separate & Section Hair
  • Apply stain guard product on hairline and ears
  • Mix 1 of hair color


eSalon hair color review subscription

eSalon Review Cosmetics Beauty Blogger Hair Color

  • Apply color, set timer for 15 minutes
  • Mix Step 2
  • Apply step 2, set timer for 15 minutes
  • Rinse/wash with provided products




eSalon Hair Color Beauty Blogger Product Review Custom Color


eSalon Custom Color Match Beauty Blogger Review
I left it in for 5 extra minutes as my hair is a little resistant to hair color. Once I washed it out, I felt the difference in my hair. This formula made my hair feel glossier, gave it a shiny coat of color and the color really matched my previous color!
This is how my hair looked after it was washed and blown out. I totally recommend trying this product and subscribing to the service so you can remember to keep up on your color.

As a mother, remembering a hair refresh is so important! Tell your girlfriends that have kids, they will thank you like mine have! Many of us don’t remember to color our hair and don’t want to spend $400 at the salon for custom color – let eSalon do it for you!

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