Easy summer feet: Making sandals look even more fabulous!

I love that in the warmer months it’s socially acceptable to wear sandals and flip flops all day, everyday! (Personally, I love Birkinstocks as they are comfy and come in a ton of styles, finishes and colors.)

I feel like being out in flip flops/sandals just doesn’t look “fab” unless you have manicured feet or at least, groomed feet without those spooky dry heels diverting everyone’s attention to your feet (and cringing) instead of your face.

All you need to incorporate in your routine is a little lotion, callus remover and cuticle care!

Try a couple of products that I LOVE to get sandal ready feet:

1. Condition your cuticles! Feels and smells amazing! You’ll be smelling like a Piña Colada and feel like you’re surrounded by summer! Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil by Butter London

2. Get rid of those UNSIGHTLY cuticles in 3-5 minutes! Works like MAGIC! Brush on a generous layer on the cuticles of your toes and push them back and wipe away! Great for acrylic nail wearing gals in between fill visits!    Melt Away Cuticle Remover by Butter London  3. Apply as directed if you’ve got “crunchy feet” to handle. Callus Away

 4. All kinds of goodness in a tube to pamper those sore, dry feet- bonus: it won’t break the bank! Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Lotion


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