Beau Gàuchis Paris Makup Brush Review

I received this product free and/or at a discounted rate for my unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own. 
I’m a professional makeup artist, and I ordered the Beau Gàuchis Paris brushes for personal use to pack up in my gym bag and/or for travel. I have a pretty high standard when it comes to brushes, I work for a Luxury Cosmetics line. I like that the brushes pick up color well. The foundation brush absorbs the liquid a bit much more than I would like, but offers a descent application. The contour brush is great. I actually really liked it on the initial application with a cream palette; after I washed it, the brush was shedding a lot but the application was still good. 

The brow brush is hands down my favorite from the set! The bristles are a great size, angle and the firmness is perfect! I got a great brow application every time. 

As for the remaining brushes- they were very good for their price range and material. 

I suggest that you use baby shampoo or a VERY gentle brush cleaner. The brush cleaner by Japonesque and Ulta brand was too strong for these brushes. It was making them shed A LOT. I used Johnson’s shampoo to soak them and gave them gentle rubs and the bristles didn’t break as much. 

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