You suck as a parent because your parenting skills need improvement

You suck as a parent because your parenting skills need improvement and can’t even shy away from it. But there is hope for you! You still have time to teach them manners!

More often these days, I have noticed that  a TON of kids, teens, young adults and I have to say the new breed of millennials have no fucking manners! Yeah, I said it just like that. Because it’s a disgusting shame.

Many years ago, our parents raised us with pride and instilled something called manners. Maybe it’s this new “melting pot” mannerism we have going on here, where people don’t look at each other and walk right through you like it’s done in other cultures; BUT I really miss hearing  please, thank you, excuse me and good morning/good day!

Maybe I’m just an old bitch. Maybe? But last I checked, it is nice. Lots of people I’ve chatted with miss this too. They think this is nice. Polite is nice.

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Let’s bring it back! There is hope for our kids! Here are a few simple things you can start on your own and in your home to get your family back on the polite track:

  • Please/Thank You – EVERY TIME
  • May I be excused? – Make them ask to get up from dinner.
  • Excused me – don’t just shove your way through people.
  • Look into people’s eyes when speaking to them. – This shows they are engaged in the conversation. (*Some kids/adults do have special circumstances where they cannot do this if that is the case, then no prob- but find a way to teach them to engage in the conversation.)

I’m sick of being tolerant to people being rude. You should too. Demand that your kids be polite. Raise them right, it’s your job.

Maybe we won’t have so many bitter people out there hating the world if we were just a little more polite. Maybe we wouldn’t be a bunch of grouchy mother fuckers looking at Facebook thinking everyone is against us, thinking negative thoughts from people’s comments all the time if people were a little nicer.

Bring it back, it doesn’t cost you anything. Say hello to someone today. Compliment someone for no reason at all and actually mean it. Oh yeah, and damn it! Be polite!


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  1. You are so right! I am teaching my little princess to have manners and people are way too surprised my 3 year old says please, thank you, excuse me ect. That is right because manners are important! My 3 year old may be having a temper tantrum but she will still say please and thank you! You have been on the end of the line with me ranting about manner-less children; and the parents see nothing wrong with it! How horrible parents and adults in general are ok to have people without common courtesy. Teaching the 7 year old, ladies first, I am teaching him to be a gentleman which never is out-dated!
    We as parents have the duty and privilege to raise decent human beings and that is to include MANNERS!

    Sorry end of my rant!

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