Twelve Days of Blogmas -Day 3: Signs of the Season

girls at gilroy gardens 12 days of blogmas day 3

The holidays are such a magical time of the year; they hold a comforting nostalgia to them. It is a moment to reminisce with our loved ones, friends and feel like a child all over again, if you can…

Growing up in a Latino family, our traditions were a little different; we celebrated on December 24th, not 25th -danced to cumbia (Spanish music), drank fragrant Rum & Coca-cola then ate dinner at midnight, consisting of tamales with bunuelos y natilla (cheesy deep fried balls with creamy cinnamon dessert) or pan con chumpe (basically a hearty turkey sandwich) – Sandwiches were when I was with my dad’s family.  We also did some very American traditions as well; every season went to Half Moon Bay and cut down our Christmas tree; all our hands and clothing would smell like pine tree, it was wonderful! We would stop at Heidi’s Pies on our way back home for Hot Chocolate and Pie. We would sing Christmas songs and listen to Holiday music in the car, this embodied the start of the holiday season for me as a child.

As an adult I know the holiday season is here as familiar sounds of Christmas music fill the stores (a little earlier than normal these days) and coffee shops offer Eggnog Latte’s or Peppermint Mocha’s! The streets are sprinkled with light displays and suddenly most of the neighborhood follows along. The TV advertises Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special and I look forward to watching a Christmas Story with my kids curled up next to the fireplace while my home is filled with the smell of gingerbread cookies baking in the oven.

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