Transformation Tips: Weightloss Journey

I am discussing this for a number of reasons; I think the over-abundance of bullshit diets I have been seeing on my feed on Pinterest prompted me to share what is going on with me in my VERY PERSONAL life. I am a little strange when it comes to chatting about weight. It’s not that I am shy about it, it’s that I am not your stereotypical super thin Beauty Queen that would make you want to think I am some sort of authority on the subject. BUT honestly, I have had a pretty good run on this subject. I have been at both extremes of the scale and have finally found a happy medium for myself.

 Recently, people have been asking me what I am doing to lose weight. I kind of laugh and give them my simple smart-ass answer, “I shut my mouth and got a little active”. Lets be honest, it is a lot more than this. I really took a moment to think about what exactly it is that I am doing and I discovered that it was “I” learning to not put so many obsessions on the word “diet” and learning to accept myself for who I am. I am a food lover. YES, a food lover. I love to eat and I am not willing to give up food. I needed to find a way to continue eating and enjoying food without giving it up, any of it.

 To date, over a time period of 11 months, I lost 67 pounds without any cryptic diet, strenuous exercise routine or insane eating plan. I found that this DOES NOT WORK, for me. In the past I have tried EVERY FAD DIET out of desperation, having temporary results and no real long-term result. I had a gastric bypass at one point in my life, when I was nearly 400 pounds and have been mostly successful with the bypass in the sense that I did not gain all of my weight back, but I did however, gain a large amount of weight back (nearly 100 pounds from my lowest weight after I had the bypass).   

 I saw a photograph of myself last fall and felt mortified that all the hard work, and almost dying from the bypass just to try and get myself fit had all slipped away and I was getting back to how I “once was”. I made the conscious decision that I needed to make changes, but I needed to figure out how I was going to go about it. For years, my mother would tell me “if you would only eat half of the portions you eat, you might actually be half of you”, so I took this to heart. I started out with the simple words that my mother said in a moment of desperation to her daughter, with all hopes that she would listen and stop eating herself to death.



  1. I have modified the way I eat this year. I decided that I was going to do my best to eat a little cleaner than I already do by trying my best to make everything. I limit the amount of pre-made goods that I utilize in my kitchen, including spice mixes and sauces. This all contains “junk” that is not good for you and contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle that I have been living.


  1. I drink water with ¼ freshly, squeezed lemon and a pinch of baking soda three times a day and the rest of the day, I drink regular water with lemon sans the baking soda. This helps flush my body, keeps me hydrated and alkalizes my body (3 with soda/5 no soda).


  1. Food intake reduction. I took to heart what my mother said and was very literal with her words. So I decided that 50% less food would be 50% less me. I was really hungry and grouchy at first and then my body just sort of started to adjust. I then started to reduce a little more by stopping the entire process of eating when I started to sense that I am feeling full. I am now at the point where I am serving myself the same size portions as my 5 & 7-year old daughter’s. I am okay with this, as this is really how much food I need, BUT while I have been doing this, I am eating all the same foods I love. I haven’t given up bread, wine, baked goods or pasta. I still eat French Food and cocktails, just LESS.


  1. I BECAME ACTIVE. I started exercising! I am not nutty about it and do like an hour daily. BUT I walk a little daily; wear an activity tracker to make sure that I am moving and not sedentary; joined a gym and subscribed to an online personal trainer. It has become a personal game. I like to challenge myself, ONLY MYSELF and not anyone else because this mission is only about me.


I do have my days that I stray away and eat more than others and other days that I just don’t eat – I think this is normal with any person; we all have our ups and downs. BUT this is what works for me. I don’t think about it, the weight just slowly comes off at a steady, healthy pace and I feel good about the fact that it is in “habit” at this point. I once read, that it takes 21 days for your brain to create a habit; Personally, I think that is a load of crap – I think it takes 3 months then you’re locked in, if you’re lucky…


I also think that if you restrict yourself from certain foods and then start eating them again after you have lost a bunch of weight, you will just gain it all back once you incorporate it into your life again. You can’t avoid the foods you love or loved unless you have an allergy to them, so you might as well learn to work with them and eat the right portions.


I still have a lot of weight to lose and I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am definitely more comfortable in my skin and again, happy to share my transformation tips with hopes that you too can do it in a healthy fashion like I did.


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