Silicon Valley Auto Show and the future of drive

Cars, cars and more cars! A Tomboy’s Dream AND man, of course…  I roamed the halls and walkways of the Silicon Valley Auto Show, at the San Jose Convention Center yesterday to the glorious fragrance of “New Car Smell”, in awe of all the vehicles presented before me. I struggled within not knowing in which direction to turn! Upstairs, downstairs, left-wing, right-wing or outside! So many choices and so much eye candy! There was absolutely something there for everyone! I had the pleasure of meeting super down-to-earth and exciting Shaun Delgrand, CEO of DGDG (Delgrand Dealer Group), he gave us a little info on the show and then we were on our merry way to indulge in the ocean of shiny steel before us.

SVAutoShow show room floor

showroom floor 2 SCV auto show

Many amazing vehicles that offered the most up-to-date in tech for your car with promised fuel efficiency to status vehicles with absolute opulence.

lamborghini of los gatos




The event featured test driving around the convention center, in which I ABSOLUTELY indulged in! It was kind of funny, I was almost unable to get the breathalyzer to work for me as I’ve got “mad Asthma” and couldn’t quite blow into the machine hard enough. After 5 tries, I did it and off to driving cars I went!

Mazda is kinda rebranding their Miata and calling it the MX-5. It is “cool” honestly, it can use a little more pick up… I enjoyed the fact that it was a convertible and it’s not as tiny as their older model. Regardless, it was a fun drive. Many thanks to Mazda for letting me indulge!

test drive mazda miata mxrtest drive mazda

Signing out at Volkswagen after I test drove the new Golf!

I was super excited to drive the 2016 Golf! Went pretty fast for a totally electric and brought back memories of my early 20s… (I owned a Golf many moons ago!) I’ve gotta say, I love Volkswagen!

vw sign up vw golf 2016 scvalley auto show

Cool features on the new 2016 Honda Pilot! They have gone ahead and created hiding spots and lots of places for you to plug-in if you are a passenger! Love it!

Handbag/Tech goods hiding spot!  2016 honda pilot plugs

Sigh, I didn’t get to drive the Caddy BUT that is okay. I got to sit in it.

blue cadillac

I also had the pleasure of meeting SJPD and playing around with their car! I got to sit in the back. I just have to say that I hope to NEVER get arrested for real… (Very uncomfortable back there – but I think that is the idea!)

SJPD police car

All in all, the show is a lot of fun! So many cars to see and learn about. Please take your family, boyfriend or girlfriend you will totally have a blast! I can’t wait for next year! Until then, get your butt over there!






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