People Accepting Normal?

I’m a little outraged BUT  happy  at the same time that the media and individuals all over social media are embracing “normal women” and not the overly thin or obese woman.

This topic sprouts from the images we saw yesterday (11/30/15) plastered EVERYWHERE of celebrity, Amy Schumer wherein she posed “semi-nude”- okay, she was basically naked- she had a latte, nude panties & fabulous heels!

I think I read about 100 comments both positive and negative. A medley of body positive comments to disturbingly hateful words, made by women nonetheless. I think what I found the strangest was that people in the media industry were making comments like “finally I’m seeing folds on a woman“. 

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade here or seem like a bitch BUT most of us have fucking folds when we sit… In fact, Amy just happens to look like what MOST of the women out there in the general population look like! SO to find this as a break through kinda thing? NO. Stop and look around at the restaurant or grocery store because those real women  are all out there. That was merely a photo session with a beautiful (almost) naked actress. 

I think it’s sad that society has so many prejudices and people just continue to accept and live unhappily in it. Whether it’s color, race or body size someone has something to say about it. It is bullshit. 

Now I ask myself, am I glad that she represents the “normal woman”? Absolutely. Again, a little outraged but happy.

Congratulations Amy for being a regular gal!


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