Little Miracles made Possible by Theresa Caputo

A little background before I get to the miracle.

My nephew Masi is the most amazing kid I know. Full of life, has so many talents (Artistic/Athletic), bright, compassionate and he also happens to be a sixteen year old boy who has brain cancer. Pretty messed up right? Yeah, I think so too. He has a CNS Non-Germinomatous Germ Cell Tumor, which is a type of Childhood Cancer. Masi was diagnosed a little under six short months ago and has been going through Chemotherapy (yesterday, June 23, 2015, he completed round 6 of 6 – Yay for him!) and having a rough time. He has been having MANY speed bumps in this process (3 run-ins with pancreatitis, a heart condition and a laundry list of other ailments). His family has suffered severe financial distress because of all the medical bills the illness brings with it, but he does not know this, nor does he need to know this (a fundraiser has been set up to assist his family MASI’S MEDICAL BILLS- GO FUND ME PAGE (#teammasi)). Masi starts Radiation in coming weeks. He will need to have MRI’s for the REST of his life every few months and be on medication for the REST of his life.


Masi is a big fan of Theresa Caputo. As you may know, when you are in treatment, you’re trapped at the hospital. Well, Masi’s second home has been Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for the past few months. The PICU unit hospital beds and their TV’s have comforted him along with TV and being home recovering. He watches Theresa Caputo’s show, Long Island Medium, on TLC all the time. He also has a supreme respect and belief for the unknown and has so many questions, as he finds himself in a scary place in life these days asking question that many of us don’t want to address, or even talk about out loud.

Masi was approached by Make a Wish Foundation and was granted a wish, which he will be granted an amazing wish later this year when he is in “better condition” for his wish to come true; Masi also told US that he had ANOTHER WISH, which was to MEET Theresa Caputo, but unfortunately, they do not grant more than one wish, so this was not even mentioned to them as the wish he is being granted is above and beyond anything he could dream of.

Before Masi and my sister Nini mentioned Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium or what she did, I personally had never heard of her! I guess you can say I have been living under a rock! (I guess that’s what I get for not being a television watcher.) I became interested in what this woman did and why she was so important to my nephew, so I could understand why he wanted to meet her. I looked her up and got a little more history on her and became instantly mesmerized by her abilities and finally understood his fascination and the need to meet her. I also needed to find out how in the world I was going to get him to meet her, especially, given the fact that this woman on the other side of the country living in Long Island and we are in California. 

I realized I had my work cut out for myself, but all I could do is try! I knocked on all the social media doors and email addresses until one day… I got a return email! I heard back from her Assistant that they were going to be in San Jose and that they can provide tickets and a Meet & Greet with Theresa!

I just about FREAKED OUT! I did it! Masi’s dream was going to come true! But my poor sister wasn’t going to be able to take him, she had surgery the day before and was in recovery, so it was me or a friend who would have take him and not her; I  really wanted her to share that experience with him, as they both shared that bond for loving Theresa. I called her and told her and she was EXTATIC! She told me to call him and he told me he wanted me to take him along with his friend Taylor.


June 3 at the San Jose Civic – Masi and Taylor sat in amazing seats very close to the front on the main floor. They enjoyed the experience, as did I. – I actually didn’t know what to expect, again this was all new to me! Ms. Caputo was speaking to individuals in the audience and spirits in the “other realm”. Ms. Caputo was giving closure to the living by relaying messages, acknowledging events and acting like and interpreter for the spirits that were making themselves present. It was truly a magical magical experience! It was great to watch Theresa go a million miles an hour and change gears and move around the room and see her demeanor change from moment to moment when she was speaking through another spirit to another person.

It was lovely to see how engaged her audience was with her, speaking back at her in hopes that they too would have a loved one come and find them from “the other side” or they were in tears, as was I on MANY occasions throughout the evening, being sympathetic to peoples stories and situations.

When the event was over, the entire auditorium cleared out and we were pulled into a room over on the side of the auditorium with a smaller group of people and we all put on our badges and were we given our instructions on the Do’s & Do Not’s with Ms. Caputo. She does not do personal readings after she has done a big show, as she is very tired and has been doing readings all night (3 hours of readings makes anyone drained if you ask me, so I get it!).

We were on pins and needles eagerly waiting for our turn, two groups of people went, then it was us! We entered the room and we went in and met her! Theresa chatted with Masi and they hugged, took pictures (poor kid was too shy to take off his sunglasses/hat from all the hair loss from the chemo, so he left them on) and then she mentioned something to him as we were leaving that sparked a SPECIAL thought in his mind. I haven’t seen him glow like that since he’s been sick. She said one thing to him that could have been insignificant to anyone, but meant so much to him at that moment. She created a desire and want to fight to live!      Overall, the experience with Theresa was great! I loved meeting her, seeing her live show and I thank her immensely from the bottom of my heart for her kindness to my nephew. It may sound cheesy, but I hope to one day thank her in person and give her a hug (AGAIN) for giving him hope to live.

That’s the miracle of Theresa Caputo.

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