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application bombshell lip monthly
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Recently, I was introduced to the world of Lip Monthly, where they claim to be everything lips BUT they are so much more! They offer a great subscription that sends you carefully curated beauty products that combine well together for a mere $10! Seriously, one lipstick costs more than that, so it’s a TOTAL STEAL! (If you click on the link above or the linked image below, you can get your first month for ONLY $5.)

I reviewed Lip Monthly‘s subscription box contents initially on periscope and didn’t care for everything on first glance. I also wasn’t completely prepared, as I just opened my package and was too excited, didn’t even think about all the items I may need for a lip reveal. I came to find out it was better than that – a face product reveal too! Anyway, click on the link and watch the reveal (app required to watch).

december lip monthly shipment

I was pretty lucky to get my hands on Lip Monthly’s December bag! The bag included four high quality items and a super cute bag that can be wiped clean inside and out (so nice!). The December bag has a Retail Value of $68.

MeMeMe – Lipstick in Chara (Tuscan Red), $15

Glamorous packaging and a chic name, what else can a gal ask for? Oh I know! A color that makes you feel like a 1940’s Hollywood Vixen!

MeMeMe lipstick Chara Tuscan Red lip monthly review december

This gorgeous high pigment lipstick really glides on beautifully with its amazing creamy texture keeping your lips feeling fabulous. The color is a pretty satin, red/orange and the container is matte with glossy fleur-de-lis designs on the outside.

MeMeMe lipstick tuscan red

MeMeMe in tuscan red lip monthly dec review

I think this is probably one of my new favorite brands of lipstick! The price is great, the product delivers and has great staying power, mind you it does not stain your lips! (SCORE!) This lipstick ALSO does not dry your lips our. (Tip: this is a good color you can also use to mix in with your concealer to give your eyes that needed pick me up if you’re looking dead, check it out on Pinterest on how to use corrective color with your makeup).

 Evelyn Lona – Lip/Cheek Tint (ASH), $22

I find that the best method to apply creme blushes & tints is with a stippling brush. Always lightly dip and twirl to get the right amount on your brush.

Evelyn Lona Lip/Cheek Tint lip monthly review

Pat on cheeks in a circular motion, slightly rubbing with the brush (stippling effect).

creme blush application lip monthly evelyn lona

Voila! You’ve got a great application if you follow this technique!

finished application 1 evelyn lona lip monthly


I really liked that it has a nice creamy texture that dries to a powdery finish. It is not highly perfumed or smelly like many cosmetics can be, which is a total bonus if you are an individual that is sensitive to fragrances or wears fragrances and can cause the chemical clash. This has a nice amount of pigment and has a truly has a some good staying power. If you’re into Organic and natural cosmetics, this is also a great line to use, as they a Natural & Organic cosmetics brand.  – I have worn this a few days in a row and really like this.

Be a Bombshell – Lip Crayon (Versailles), $16

Bombshell lip crayon lip monthly december bag

Has a cool retractable feature and it is thin so you do not really need a lip liner, granted that you can manipulate your lipstick like a boss!

application bombshell lip monthly

This is NOT my favorite product. I do like that it is easy to apply and it is a crayon, makes it super user-friendly BUT the product itself can use a few tweaks. It doesn’t last very long and you need really to layer it on to get the color to deliver.

MMU Hikari – Blush (Tango), $15

Great color for most skin tones, works GREAT on African-American skin tones (I can’t wait to use it with my client’s!). Tango is a bright pink with a hint of Mellon and a tinge of blue. Very sexy, very fresh great for day or night and completely buildable.

Hikari tango blush lip monthly december

Tap your brush into the velvety formula once, to build – a little goes a long way with this product. Pat onto your cheeks, starting at the apple and moving your way up the bone. Swipe it up and swirl it down. You can repeat to build or with a tissue, pat once or twice to lessen the effect.

hikari tango blush lip monthly december

results hikari blush tango lip monthly

This blush is very high in pigment, has a lot of staying power. Make sure you use makeup remover when you take this product off, it will not wipe off with just a tissue. Great addition to any kit and a fabulous price, especially for the amount of product that you get!

Rating: Lip Monthly  heart_fullheart_fullheart_fullheart_half

I hope to be lucky enough to get another box next month for review and tell you all about it! Until then, what is your favorite product that was featured in the December box?


*Affiliate link, commission on purchases and rentals.

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