Ladies: Trim the Hedges & Mow your Runway! 

Ok ladies, winter is here and JUST because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to neglect the stems & curtains ?

Maybe I’m just not that liberal? I personally don’t like the appearance of excess hair on my body. Although you may think nobody can tell; unsightly long hair on your legs DOES show through pantyhose and sheer denier tights. ALSO, your partner may not voice it to you out of respect BUT nobody likes getting lost in the 1970s style muff forest…

I know, I know! It’s damn cold! The hair keeps you warmer. Malarkey! Lies I tell you! Get rid of it and trim your runway and mow the stems! I’m not telling you to  go bare like a pre-pubescent child or make a landinding strip like a porn star, just handle your junk! Keep it neat.

There is a bunch of solutions out there to help a gal (or gent) out with hair removal and the slowing down process. 

  • Wax – you can do this at home alone or have a friend help you to save a couple bucks. OR hit up a salon with an Esthetician or Cosmetologist NOT your local nail salon tech- they aren’t technically licensed to be waxing you unless the have a full license cosmetologist license- nail techs just do nails.

Poetic Waxing Strips also available in face strips.

Gigi Honee Microwave Wax Kit

  • Good ol’ Razor!   
  • Depilatory Creams (Be careful with these, sometimes you can get an allergic reaction AND they are usually stinky.)

Bliss Fuzz off (Bikini) fuzz off bliss

Veet (coupon attached)

  •  Hair Inhibitors (slow the growth)

Completely Bare 

Wish Shave Cream with Hair Inhibitor

wish  shave goam hair inhibitor mamainblack  hair removal

  •  Laser Hair Removal

You can find great promotions online on Groupon or Living Social or pay full price if you don’t feel like saving some cash at a medical spa services plastic surgeon, some spa’s have this feature and some dermatologist have hair removal as well. 

Whatever method you decide to use to get rid of that unsightly excess body hair, just remember if you’ve got a fuzzy upper lip handle it too Chubaca.

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