Kids and Fluffy People

Yeah we’ve overhead this since we were kids and it still stands true, “children are like sponges” and “they repeat everything they hear”. Well, kids like adults, live and breathe everything they are conditioned to be a part of in society. From the moment we are born and presented to people we are judged and start the judgment process ourselves. We come up with “standards” and “categories” that are really unnecessary and create a boring uniformity so everything and everyone can just look and function like a fucking robot BUT we secretly embrace different people and cheer them on; then go back to fitting into our molds. Sure we all have a few differences – but most are the same. Kinda like the malls across America.

With that said, “fat people” (also known in my home as fluffy people because fat is an ugly word that is just down right negative and makes you feel all sorts of bad things) get a bad wrap as bad, greedy, dirty, shameful, lethargic, unmotivated and my negative list can go on. It’s quite sad that they don’t get a chance to fit into society’s mold, yet they are regular human beings that work just as hard, can look just as good, contribute to society as much but get looked down upon like they are some sort of failure. It’s kind of sad that we need to have an entire movement to empower women & men to say it’s okay to feel pretty or handsome and be fat. That’s how fucked up we are…


This evening my child was watching television and she saw an obese gentleman and started to pick on his appearance in a manner I have never witnessed before. I was very shocked!

Here’s how my conversation with her went…

Lixa: So, what was wrong with the man?

Child: he is fat.

Lixa: okay, so what if he is fat? What do you care? Is he hurting you or anyone? Is he a bad guy?

Child: yeah. He doesn’t care, he ate too much, he is bad.

Lixa: how is that bad?

Child: I don’t know? Because everybody says its gross and says its bad & dirty.

Lixa: no. You can’t say that someone is bad or dirty because of their size.

You never know where life will take you… Mommy once was one of those people that everyone stopped to look at and snicker because I was so big- I wasn’t dirty or bad.

Child: oh. You’re not bad mommy.

Lixa: don’t be so quick to judge. It could be you one day.

After that conversation occurred, my husband and I discussed the topic and came to a conclusion:

  •  Our kids and society does NOT need to be sensitive to this issue.
  •  Society needs to be made aware that it’s not okay to make people feel bad about their appearance.
  • We need educate our children about awareness on all topics, including people’s differences.

If we keep creating a bunch of sensitive kids instead of unaware kids, like what we are currently doing, our future will be a disaster!

Food for thought – If we all looked the same life would be fucking boring! We would have nothing great to write about and watch on television or stage, listen to on our radio and attend a show!

So please, keep being different, encourage it in your kids to live out of the box and for crying out loud, don’t tell them to be sensitive, say be aware!

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