Inspirational People in unexpected Places 

a few weeks ago I went with a friend to my first bloggers event. It was fun! I I met a ton of interesting ladies in the blogging community with lots of tips and tricks. I learned how to make a mean margarita and ate some great Tex-Mex appetizers.

At this wonderful event I experienced a surprisingly unexpected run-in with my former San Mateo High School, ninth grade English Teacher. She was a very empowering woman to me. She created the want and need to express myself through word. Thea Sullivan exposed me to many literary possibilities and I am so thankful for this! To date, I still enjoy poetry and creative writing.

Thea Sullivan was very evolved in her methods of teaching and found innovative way to educate children. In addition to teaching English, she had a soft spot in her heart for having kids help each other out and learn from each other. She formed a Peer Helping group and I am proud to say I was part of this as well. I later used some of these skills in my adult career, when I worked in Non-Profit.

I was happy to tell her how she touched my life, as I am a very “raw” person and I just say things; it’s a character flaw. I guess in this case it wasn’t, it’s important to tell people things like this. Life is too short and filled with bullshit. We need to thank people.

Once again, I publicly thank Thea Sullivan!


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