Gift Attitude: The things we don’t like

So I asked around and compiled my list of people’s dislikes. Many are common and some are uncommon or just straight up funny! 

Although many of us think it would be a great gift to give/get here are the DIY items I found out people actually really don’t like getting:

  • Baked good kits in jars
  • Smelly lotions/scrubs YOU tried to make off Pinterest and put in a jar as a gift
  • This is a funny one- crochet undergarments made for you by a family member (kinda creepy that they are thinking of you like that…)

Some other non-DIY items I was told about were:

  • Fruitcake (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten one- better yet, never tried it!)
  • Socks/underwear (the packaged kind)
  • Cheesy as seen on TV novelty items
  • Crappy bath sets

I think the biggest complaint was not getting a gift receipt. 

I think regardless of what you get this season, enjoy it and be thankful. If you really think about it, nobody owes you anything and it’s an act of kindness. 

Have a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

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