Gabby’s First Audition!

Recently, both my girls were signed with   Stars Talent Agency and couple of days ago I got the message from Gabby’s Agent, sending her on the first audition! 

Yesterday was Gabby’s audition in San Francisco for US Bank’s Toys for Tots. I contacted her agent ahead of time and asked for ideal attire for the event and was told to bring her in a “wintery outfit” SO I did. I was the only one that had my child dressing the part, except for another little boy. My poor kid was sweating up a storm in 84 degree weather, but she was a good sport, I took her to the restroom and she whispered to me, “Mommy, the other girls have school clothes, why am I all dressed up?” My response was “because you have more spices in your pot- your a fashion girl, and this is a going to end up being a wintery shoot- you play that part today”. She smiled and kind of got it and said, “okay! It’s like dress up!” I told her “exactly!”

Gabby had to look surprised and scream while being filmed for her audition. She was a little shy about screaming but she did her best! I’m such a proud mama!
The overall experience was great and I can’t wait for her next audition. I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed that we get called back! Regardless, this is about charter building and having fun.

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