Designers & their love of hiding big girls in TENTS

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Last week I had a personal styling session with an amazing lady that happens to wear plus size clothing. We went to our local mall and were in search of something to wear for a week long Oscar’s event and I was quite displeased with a lot of the clothing I found. Lots of the items amI found felt old and stuffy, lacking youth and vitality. We were very lucky to find some great items after searching for a bit.

My issue here is WHEN will the designers get that we don’t necessarily want to hide our bodies, we want to wear something that FITS our body and helps accent the way we look. We want to look thinner (YES we do! If you say you don’t, you’re a damn liar.) in our outfit and we don’t want to jump into a damn flowing tent to make us look like a house!

Excessive fabric use is only good on certain body types, and anyone wearing a size 8+ should probably steer clear of these looks.

I went back after my session and tried items on at different stores that won’t break the bank, like Target and want to show you that a big girl in somewhat fitted clothes can work and look pretty darn awesome!


sequin pants ftom Target
Sequin Pants & Cardigan



sheath Dress from Target
Sheath Dress


gold dress from Target
Golden Baroque Shift Dress


What is your biggest pet peeve about the clothing designers are putting out on the market? Comment below!



*Affiliate links, commission on purchases.

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