Trending Today: Adult Cyber Bullies on Social Media

Trending Today: Adult Cyber Bullies on Social Media

Trending Today: Adult Cyber Bullies on Social Media

So much is currently happening in our society today that a new breed of adult cyber bullies on social media have taken over.

Many of these “bullies” are your friends or family trying to shove their thoughts down your throats like some scary cult that has taken over.

I COMPLETELY understand and sympathize with all my angry friends and family. Thank you for taking the stand in fighting in YOUR OWN WAY.

I have elected to be the quiet, peaceful individual as being an asshole to everyone you know doesn’t get you anywhere in the end.

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Truth being, actions speak louder that posts.

Our current President will come and go for a brief moment and these people you’ve shared your life with in good and bad moments, setting the current mood of the country aside will hopefully still be standing there by your side.

I have some VERY personal and VERY strong opinions about what is going on at the moment.

For years, I have proudly declared myself as a Non-Partisan. I am proud to declare I did not vote Republican OR Democrat. I never do. I am a person who truly does/did want real change to happen with my vote.

It just didn’t work out that way.

I saddens me to see adults acting like evil backstabbing middle schooler’s with Seventh Grade Syndrome.

Many of these “adult” individuals claim to be devout church-goers that hide behind a cross on Sunday but rip their fellow man apart Monday through Saturday.

All I’ve got to say is STOP. This doesn’t help anyone. It just further sets a negative tone.

We need to respect our friends and ourselves. I RESPECT YOU, please do the same for me.

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Just because I’m not posting negative thoughts and occurrences online doesn’t mean I don’t necessarily share your opinion; privately ask me, you’ll be surprised to see that I probably share your opinions – after all,¬†birds of a feather flock together and last I checked, we are supposed to be friends.

Stop and think about the individual trying to remain neutral or poke a little fun. Maybe it’s too much for some people to constantly discuss the sadness. Maybe those buttons you’re pushing JUST MIGHT PUSH SOMEONE OVER THE EDGE…

With that said, I’m sure you don’t want it on your conscience knowing you were the cause of a suicide, a hospitalized depression or making someone snap in a negative way.

Be the lady or gentleman you should be to your friend and RESPECT. Stop the cyber bullying. Better yet, be an adult.

I’m sure I will get a lot of expected backlash from the small group of my friends that keep attacking me or laughing at me. I am okay with this, I love you and he too shall pass. I PROMISE.


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