12 Days of Blogmas – Day 8: Holiday Food & Drink

This is probably my FAVORITE topic on the string of posts for this awesome 12 day event! Food & Drink! I am food obsessed! Sadly, it is true not a joke – I. REALLY. AM.

Eight of my favorite holiday food & beverages…

Champagne! Goes great with almost anything! It makes you feel fancy, it tastes great and honestly, you can find this in a variety of price ranges to fit your budget. PLUS, it can be made into Champagne Cocktails – get your 50/60’s nostalgia going and look one up on Pinterest!

champagne 12 days blogmas day 8

Peppermint Hot Chocolate or Mocha. Hands down my favorite! I drink these all year, but for some reason they seem to taste better in the cold weather.

peppermint mocha (image from somekitchenstories.com)

Russian Tea Cookies (Recipe) (image from foodgawker.com)

russian tea cookies

Colombian Buñuelos (my recipe is within the link)! It is a holiday tradition in Colombia to make these at Christmas with a sweet cinnamon dessert named Natilla.

FullSizeRender 9.04.43 AM

Colombian Tamales! VERY different to the Mexican & Central American countries’ tamales. There is 3 kinds of tamales for different regions of Colombia. All of them being composed of the same masa (corn “dough”, that is pretty much like Polenta).

e97a8c296f6c116576614a156746a069 (image from mycolombianrecipes.com)

Refrigerator Cookies!

10750ea378b50f4507fcf002fa608f25 (image from charlotteobserver.com)

Prime Rib. Oh yes, after my parents got divorced, some food traditions changed. We incorporated the prime rib into dinner as a food choice! Soooo good!

51e2f3792d8b47e6ab162cf028ed088b (image from allrecipes.com)

We can’t forget everyone’s favorite, the chocolate! Oh yes when I speak of chocolate, I speak of FUDGE (40+ recipes in link). It is magical in every way; made with all kinds of “bad” for you but oh so good! Marshmallow cream is the base for this baby and of course, chocolate!


Get inspired with food & drinks from my fellow Blogmas…

The Coastie Couple

The Petite Mrs.

12 days blogmas- day 8

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