12 Days of Blogmas- Day 6: Holiday Movies

nightmare before christmas 12 days blogmas day 6 movies

I love holiday movies! There are so many that I love! In fact, I get excited when I see the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas broadcast event, where all family friendly holiday themed movies are played December 1-25! It is the time of year where you actually look forward to watching a movie with your family with a bowl of popcorn, cozy blanket and a nice fire burning to warm your home (if allowed where you live).

Here are a few of my favorite films:

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

12 days blogmas day 6 movies

The Polar Express

the polar express

The Santa Claus

the santa claus day 6 blogmas

Babes in Toyland

babes in toyland 12 days blogmas day 6


elf 12 days of blagmas day 6 movies

The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas 12 days blogmas day 6 movies

Check out what movies my other Blogmas love!

The Coastie Couple

The Petite Mrs.

day 6 movies 12 days of blogmas


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