10 Ways to Deal with Depression During the Holidays

depression bipolar holidays dealing with depression

The Holiday’s can be rough for many people and families. Depression can be triggered by many different factors during the holidays, for instance stress. Sometimes many of these stress factors are completely out of our control and we need to learn to just let it go; easier said than done – BUT it can be done. Some stress factors include travel, lack of finances, lack of family, or just the overstimulation of the entire retail industry shoving the holiday’s down your throat!

Personally, I have Bipolar Depression and the Holiday’s are hard for me. Over the past few years I have had a harder time dealing with them but last year I started finding a way to help myself and ease the difficulty with the festivities (more so than my faking it, because honestly sometimes my family can tell).

Here are ten things I do to help me deal with the holidays that may help you:

  1. Listen to Music that makes you happy. (As long as it’s not Christmas music, I’m all good!)
  2. Call a friend or family member. I call my mom or talk to my sister and I usually feel better.
  3. Write in a journal. I like to write how I feel down and it makes me feel better, it gets me thinking about whatever situations I’ve got going on at any given moment.
  4. Paint or do a Craft that will keep you busy. I find that doing art is very relaxing. It’s a great outlet.
  5. Go for a Run or a Walk. I discovered in a dark time of my life that I like to run. It’s a secret of mine that I don’t share with anyone and I do this alone. So when I am down or stressed or freaking out – I run. 
  6. Paint your nails.  Yes! Make yourself pretty. You can lift your spirits by beautifying yourself! Every time I do this, I feel better. Whether you do it yourself or go and get them done, pretty nails always make you feel better. 
  7. Make sure you take your medication at the same time daily. I started using a daily timer to remind me to take my meds at the same time everyday. If I don’t remember to take my medication, I feel like crap. 
  8. Watch funny movies. Nothing better than laughter! 
  9. Ice Cream. Eat lots of it. Any kind! My personal favorite is cookies & cream.
  10. Wine. Drink it. Be safe with it, but indulge. Makes me happy and I say life is too short to not have good wine.

So my ways for dealing with my depression may be unconventional but it works for me. Also, I write about it on here. Have a great holiday season and stay safe.

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