10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. English is technically my second language. My parents mainly spoke Spanish to me when I was little. I had nannies that only spoke Spanish to me, except for two when I got a little older. My siblings, other family members, television and strangers spoke English to me and that is how I picked up English.


2. I have traveled to a lot of countries in Central & South America. Growing up, my parents liked to travel a lot and used to take us along on their trips. SOME of the countries stamped on my passport include: Mexico (most of Mexico, including Ixtapa, Mexico City, Cancun, San Felipe, Rosarito, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta and Tijuana); Panama; Provencia (Island); San Andres (Island); Colombia; Peru; and Ecuador.


3. A few years back (14), I used to weigh nearly 400 pounds (387 to be exact) and had a gastric bypass at one point in my life. I lost 200+ pounds of my weight and kept most of it off for a long time only to gain it 100+ pounds of it back years later after having children and suffering from depression and other health ailments. (I’m now working on naturally getting rid of it on my own and have been quite successful with it!)

4. I was a Legal Assistant/Office Trainer for 9 years (at three different firms). I fell into that career by accident while I was in college for Fashion Design. It just payed the bills and I was good at it. After I had my first baby, the Law Firm I was working at let me go because they did not participate in FMLA.(Lame!)


5. Cake! I am a hobby cake baker that makes cakes for special events. I do it out of love for friends and family. I have made many wedding cakes for 200+ guests; anniversary cakes; cakes shaped like tennis rackets and handbags! I took a bunch of classes at Le Cordon Bleu, Cake Shops, Sur La Table and Wilton’s entire course. I thought of going to culinary school, but then I guess I would need to do it for a living if I made such a vast investment…

bird caketennis racket cake

lion king cakeUp Wedding CakeSpongebob Birthday

60th Asian FlowersHobnail Butter CreamPurple & White 300 Guesbaptism

6. In 2005 I eloped with my High School Sweetheart, later to marry him in a large traditional wedding in 2006. Our story-We dated other people over the years and each other on and off BUT in the end we came back to each other when we were both 24 and decided to get back together and have been together ever since.

7. I hate Cilantro. Tastes like perfume, not soap like lots of people say. It’s like a bite of grass with a little smoke and a hint of saw dust and perfume. I was one of the cursed 3% of population that has the gene that identifies the taste of this herb with soap.

8. I blast classical music in my car when I’m alone and feeling stressed. If I feel depressed, I search for show tunes on YouTube and listen to them and sing along. I get my “drama geek out” on from back in the day and feel better.

9. I have been pregnant 7, YES – SEVEN times. I have only had two live births. Hurray for my two little girls!

10. I work as a makeup artist and have worked in film, editorial, print and for multiple cosmetics companies. I started doing this on the side when I was 19 to make extra money.


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