Clear Skin & Shiny Beards with Tea Trea Oil! (Review)

I got this product at a discounted rate and/or free for my unbiased opinion.

So I happen to be compiling some oils because I’m making beard balm/oil for my husband& am using Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil as one the oils in my secret blend. Anyway, the oil gave it a nice, clean, fresh fragrance that I thought would be a nice male friendly scent. I put a few drops in my husband’s shampoo as well. He said it feels like his scalp is less itchy.

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On a personal note, I’ve had a mad acne epidemic on my face after I had surgery last month and the breakouts got out of hand. I applied the undiluted oil directly to my skin on on the affected blemished areas of my face. I noticed a difference on day 2! The pimples/cysts were becoming dry and were completely healed by day 8. I had a few new small ones and they were dry by the next morning. I didn’t encounter any burning or irritation. The smell is clean and not bothersome.

I also added it to some talc and sprinkled it on my stinky dog! Saves everyone’s nose! Just get 1/4 cup cornstarch and 1/4 cup baby powder and add 2 drops of oil in a jar and shake. I poured it out on wax paper to get dry and then poured it into a jar I can shake our onto my dog. I’m a fan of reusing an old spice jar- works like a charm!

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I highly recommend this to anyone using it for acne. You can add a few drops to witch hazel and get an awesome astringent.


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