The Game of Walking via Fitbit

In the past year I have been on a personal mission to get healthy. I saw myself going back to old habits and becoming the person I used to be, not that it is a bad thing, but I was really unhappy and unhealthy when I was morbidly obese. In the process of getting healthy, I have been lucky to lose a great deal of weight. I reached a plateau and discovered that I was not getting in as much exercise as I did when I first started my life changing routine(s). I guess I got comfortable with the sudden weight loss and kind of backed off with the activity. I felt like I needed something more, something to force me to get in just a little more movement in my life, but I was not sure what it was and how I was going to do it…

Might sound silly, but my wish to force activity was answered! Recently, I was given a Fitbit Charge by Fitstar on a promotion they did on Twitter. It is like my own personal game, wherein I need to track my daily activity, for example the amount of steps I take and it also logs the distance/flights of stairs. I check my Fitbit throughout the day and make sure that I am hitting my personal goal of steps at certain times of the day so that I can hit “my” personal target at the end of the day. I really enjoy the device and know that it is a crutch and I don’t really need it, but honestly it has really helped motivate me and become a little bit more competitive with “myself”.

Since I have been wearing the Fitbit, I have noticed that I have built up my endurance because I want to walk everywhere and track as many steps as possible. Also, I have noticed that I have lost 4 more pounds because of my constant walking.

PRO: Helps motivate and track activity. App available for download to sync with device AND online program to track progress as well. Very helpful!

CON: I do not like the Fitbit Charge fastening feature on the strap. I find it the device difficult to put on my wrist. I think that a traditional buckle from a watch may have been a better choice. ALSO, I find that I need to remove my Fitbit every time I type. It just gets in the way. I forget to put it back on and my steps are inaccurate, it’s not the biggest deal in the world to me but it is annoying.

FitStar also gave me a year of Personal Training via the internet. Honestly, I have not been very good with keeping up with my online training sessions, but I just set up a schedule for myself and will be doing my best to keep to it. I really want to prove it to myself that I can get healthy and feel great again.

Photo on 7-7-15 at 8.39 PM

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