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Product was provided. All opinions are my own.

I am the first to jump on options for fixing imperfection to my perfectly imperfect self. With this said, I have lots of scars from plastic surgery that I am very uncomfortable with, not that anyone will see some of the scars, besides my husband BUT I have to look at the scars every time I get undressed. The appearance of the scars are more of an emotional thing for me and some of them, I wish would just go away to completely erase the flaw that was under that new scar as a reminder of something I wanted changed or gone from my life.

I had the opportunity to try out a special scar management system called New Gel+. The system included a silicone gel strip that can be cut and applied to current scars, regardless of the length of time you have had the scar and a silicone gel can be applied directly to scars without the patch, also for new and old scars. I had a Mastopexy (breast lift & reduction) and augmentation done about ten years ago and I have scars on my breasts that I hate, so I went ahead and applied the New Gel+ silicone strips directly to my right breast scar only. I ALSO had rotator cuff surgery on April 1, 2016, and I have 4 tiny scars that were beginning to keloid, so I applied the gel to my scar’s as the affected area is so small that I didn’t think patches would be ideal for these scars.

Initially, when I started using the patches on my breast, I didn’t see any crazy transformation over night, I noticed a bit of a difference a little over three weeks later. The scar was not as dark and the texture on the surface of the scar felt a bit smoother. When using the silicone patches, I removed the patch before showering and washed it with gentle baby wash to clean the surface, then reapplied the patch to the affected area once I was done showering. I found that the patches did not burn or irritate my skin; I have extremely sensitive skin and usually have an allergy to adhesives, so the silicone adhesive was welcomed. I am currently still using the patches and will start to use it on my left breast so ugly scar can be lighter and match my other breast.

(Top to bottom: Week 1, Week 2 & Week 5)

My recent April 18, scars on the right shoulder were a little bit different. I applied the gel directly on the skin without using the silicone strip. 

I began using the gel nearly three weeks after my surgery. I applied the gel to all four tiny scars, particularly the front scar’s as those are the most visible. 

I applied the gel twice a day as directed and had to discontinue use after the second week of use on my lower front scar as it appeared inflamed and possibly could be getting infected. 

I gave myself a break and just started using it again and have had no issues, but I have not seen a result on the bottom front scar. 

As for the other three scars, I DID notice that the reddish purple “fresh” scar’s were less red and had a smoother texture, however, I don’t feel that I have been using this product long enough to get the optimal result. I have been using this for about five weeks. 

(Top Week 1 & Bottom Week 5)

Overall, I think that this is a pretty good product to use in lieu of getting additional resurfacing treatments on an unsightly scar. 

I really think that you need about six months to get optimal results. I recommend this to anyone who feels bad about themselves because of the appearance of unsightly scars. 

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I am pleased with my progress to date. Pictures don’t lie, the change in my breast scar is pretty great. 

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