My Black Teeth Turn White!

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We all want whiter teeth. I know I have a nasty habit of drinking about a pot of coffee a day and I am a total closet case when it comes to drinking cola, I swear it off and then I drink it when nobody is looking (like my teeth and my waistline don’t know the difference!).

Anyway, this has made my teeth a little “ecru”, not yellow – I’m not a yellow toothed monster yet… I’m a vain bitch and won’t let shit get that far! But yes, ecru is the shade I’m calling my teeth. I don’t want to match the wall, or look like I’ve got a pack of chicklets in my mouth like some people that get the laser treatments done in the mall, plus I’m cheap.

Yup, I sure am. I need something effective and that will do the job and I can do over and over if need be since I am NOT at any time giving up coffee or tea and sneaking cola.


Lately I’ve been into all the hocus pocus, witch doctor-granola mode stuff my mom raised me with, since we all turn into our parents, life seems to be going in this general direction, so I am embracing it and just going with it.  I decided to the natural whitening route and give charcoal a shot.


Wait! Charcoal in your mouth! Yeah… in the mouth, on your teeth and then the scrubbing happens. Oh yes.

The Rocky Mountain Essentials Coconut Activated Charcoal  works great, this has brightened my teeth and I’ve also used the product as a face mask! The method I used the coconut activated charcoal to brush my teeth was dipping it in a little jar; this is probably the best and most sanitary way to use the product.


After brushing my teeth, I did a second two minute round brushing. I had a lot of grit left afterwards but noticed a deeper clean. I’ve been doing this every other day for about 10 days and have seen pleasing results!


The method I’m using this as a mask is adding a little water, honey and plain yogurt, along with a drop of bergamot and two heaping spoons of the charcoal. Mix into a paste and apply. Leaves the face soft, reduces pores and draws impurities! Ideal for acne or enlarged pores.

Leaves lots of sediment in sink and common area, make sure to clean up rest to not stain sink (just in case) if you have an older or porous material sink. I wiped mine down with bath tissue and it picks it all up.

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