e.ra organics Relief Cream Review

I live in an eczema infested environment, seems like all of us in my household have it; but my husband seems to be the unfortunate champion when it comes to the painfully unfortunate red, flakey, angry skin.

I have been extremely lucky to try this cream out at a discounted rate and/or free. I am giving my honest and unbiased opinion.

Pictures say a thousand words; I documented my husband’s progress as he was the the worst and had the most dramatic change. This cream is thick, has a nice light honey scent, which did not bother my husband. The cream is absorbed fairly quickly into the skin once applied. It also does not sting when applied, it is soothing and left hydrated for a long time.

I hands down recommend this product to ANYONE with eczema and/or psoriasis as it is soothing, calms the red and hydrates.


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