To Rub or Not to Rub

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Sounds so naughty when you say it if you have a mind in the gutter like myself (LOL). Okay, but really what do you prefer? I have to say that I am all about the rubs these days. I feel like it really gets the flavors going in your proteins (meat) that you have selected to season, because really even when you apply a rub or a liquid marinate you are seasoning your protein.

Dean and Deluca

Over the next few weeks I am going to be featuring a series of local and not so local rubs on meats. Like most, when you think of a rub you automatically envision barbecue! Holy smoke barbecue is like the best thing on earth BUT really, you can do other things with rubs; think of what I said earlier, season your protein (if you aren’t a meat eater, use rubs on your veggies, tempe and tofu.

Check out the first round of rubs I will be featuring, JTS BBQ Spices. You can find them at

Let me know what your favorite thing is to eat when you barbecue. Also, what is your favorite rub? Don’t be shy,comment below! Follow The Mama in Black on all social media and sign up to get on the emailing list.

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