Guilt Free Indulgence from Emma Pearl

I love walking the isles of Trader Joe’s in hopes of inspiration with new ingredients or delicious new items to try and introduce to my family. But what I love the most is when I come across an amazing new wine that doesn’t break the bank!

I recently met Emma Pearl, a delicious Pinot Noir from Napa, California at an affordable $3.99! You can absolutely smell/taste the fruity & chocolate notes in this amazing wine.

This wine is great on Thursday evening with pizza or a great wine to add in a stew (see the recipe for Beef Stew that I made with this wine – remember, cook only with wine that you would drink, this falls in that category!).

I also love that I don’t get the “cheap wine headache” the next day! Yeah, I like the good stuff, but I also like try try ALMOST anything once.

My point in this post, be open to trying the inexpensive suggestions with a high point rating at Trader Joes or your local wine shops, you might be surprised on your tasty find!

Pleae leave a comment! I wou love to hear from you!   – What is your favorite inexpensive wine or bubbly find? Where do you normally purchase it?

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