The New Female Altered Reality

Growing up, sex symbols were curvy women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and now our girls look up to starving models and actresses that cry about starving and look like they need to eat.  

I was recently shopping online and saw an ad for leggings and was SHOCKED that these were actually listed as women’s apparel!  
It looks like a little girl playing dress up in her mother’s heels. I think about the message it is sending to other girls and women. Personally, when I saw her thighs, I’m not gonna lie, I looked down at mine… Yup, I think one of hers make up three of mine and mine aren’t even that huge. But I’m not out to body shame, I’ve been on both extremes of the spectrum.

I just think that companies need to bring people’s reality of what is normal back in tune. The magazine’s & advertising agencies have all the power here. They manipulate how the world thinks. It’s a sad reality, but it is true.

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