The Great Bra Addiction & My Top 10 Best for Large Busts

I am a lover of all things lacey, look at my Pintrest boards and you will see several boards dedicated to Lace and Undergoodies. I have a vast collection of bras that I have been literally hoarding over the years because quite frankly, I think they are beautiful and I don’t want to give them up.

Some of these bras/bralette’s don’t serve function, a couple don’t even fit me anymore or ever did – or were purchased as inspiration to fit… (bad idea, but a girl can dream)

I have been cursed, or some may say blessed with a large bust. (My weight has fluctuated on both extremes of the scale as well, so I get the band and back chubs issues as well and get all the quirks.)

I have purchased bras in the States and across the globe, expensive and bargain. I guess I can say I have an undergoody addiction. I am obsessed with all things pretty under my clothing that only I can see (my husband as well) and I have made my list of favorite brands and notes on fit/fabric. I hope this helps out next time you go purchase your next bra, because there is NOTHING uglier than an ill fitting bra.


1. Chantelle Illusion Lined Seamless Underwire Bra $$$

This is my go-to brand for a bra. The Chantelle bra hold’s your gal’s in place and the fabric is very soft but has light stretch and lots of support. The back closure on this bad-girl has four hooks (on the D+ cups) and the straps are a strong, non-stretching sateen strap, just wide enough to not dig in.

I like that it gives breasts a perky, rounded look with nice separation. I must say that the French know what they are doing…


2. Wacoal Halo Lace Underwire Bra $$-$$$

This was the first “expensive bra” I bought myself as a young lady in my early adult years, over 20 years ago. It is still a favorite as it totally lives up to its expectations! Great stretch, coverage, lasts forever, holds in your back chunk (YES! It holds it in!).

This is a bra that needs to be drip-dried. DO NOT stick it in the dryer. The stretch goes all kinds of bad on this on the cups and your bra is no longer a happy bra after a couple run-ins with that dryer.


3. Le Mystere Lace Tisha Bra $$$

To me, this brand runs a little small – so you might want to get fitted. The fabulous ladies working at Nordstrom are so helpful with this, many times giving you pleasant surprises!

This bra has a ton of support. Very comfortable. The fabric is soft and feels very breathable. The straps on these are nice too, they don’t slide down, which is something that happens to me a lot and I really hate. This bra also has a wide band and 3-hook/4-hook closure depending on the the cup/back size. I really like this style because of the positioning of the underwires and the look of the bra under a shirt. It is very smooth looking but has that lacy detail that I love.


4. Elomi Imogen Underwire Full Cup Bra $$$

This brand has been able to provide a bra that fits beautifully in good times, bad times and amazing times for me. I have been a 46G (and larger, once a 52 back when I was much heavier!) and now I am a 38E/F.

This brand has gorgeous bras in so many styles, sizes and fabrics! I love that most of the bras are very supportive and have 3 or more hooks. The straps are not stretchy and hold you in place. You get a beautiful round breast with lift and separation. The side panels have enough stretch to act as body shapewear and hold your “back chunkies”, if you have them, which most of us do, when we put on a bra – unless you weigh nada…


5. Anita International – Seismic Underwire Bra $$-$$$

I was introduced to this treasure of a brand when I became preganant with my daughter, Natasha. I originally purchased Anita’s Nursing Bra. I did NOT want to give it up. I found every excuse in the book not to give up the darn nursing bra because of the amazing fit, support, fabric, cut, straps and my list went on. I was just SAD… But I had to give it up and go back to a regular bra.

Seven years later, I went to a Sports Bra event held at Title Nine in Berkely, California and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I saw the Anita logo… I tried on the bra and I knew it was meant for me. Once again, the fit, the support, the fabric, the structure, the locking straps, the comfort. I was SOLD! The German’s know cars, but I think they know undergarments too…

This is technically a sports bra, but it is comfortable enough to be worn as an everyday bra. It has a lot of breathability and support, great for an individual like myself with a large set of tata’s.

unnamed-5  imgres-1

6. Panache Cleo Juna Balconette Bra $$-$$$

The most comfortable bra I own. Very stretchy. If I could wear this one everyday, I would. I DO love all my undergarments, but this one wins the title for the most comfortable bra, hands down!

This one has two hooks, and is not as supportive as the full coverage bras BUT it sure looks great! The fabric has a sateen like appearance to it and is very stretchy with a soft, smooth quality to it. The lace detailing is also very soft as are the straps. This bra does however, give you a nice lift and rounded separation with beautiful cleavage.


7. Olga Signature Support Bra $-$$

The old standard. This one is probably one that every woman that has a D cup or larger, has tried or owns in their collection of intimate goodies. Olga is a one of those brands that has been around from the begining of time. Over the past few years, the Olga line has become a little funner and made their bras with a more rounded breast, which is great! I personally think that is a more flattering look on most body types. The price point is good and available at most retailers.


8. Victoria’s Secret Perfect Coverage $-$$

I recently tried the VS Perfect Coverage Bra and was pleasantly surprised with my findings! Yes, I AM INCLUDING THIS BRA! So, for a 38DDD bra you would think that the support would be terrible, it actually was not! I purchased the bra as a buy 1 get 1 50% off and got a Nude & White bra (That’s all that was left in 38DDD).

The band was wide, very stretchy but had really nice hold – like shapewear. The bra is a little padded, althgouh it says lightly lined (to me, it’s padded), wonderfully supportive straps that are ALSO cushioned and only partially stretch. ALSO, the bra had 4 hooks for my size and held in the back fluff! I was very impressed!


9. Lilyette Bras $-$$

This is another one of those bras that is an oldie but goodie! Lilyette bra’s are actually nice fitting bra’s for C cup and up! Lots of support and they don’t break the bank. Breathable fabrics and fun array of designs. They have high tier and low tier products available at stores like Ross and Walmart and even Macys.

Lilyette bras have comfortable straps, nice separation and great minimizer bras.


10. Elle Macpherson Intimates -Cloud Swing Stretch-Lace Underwire Bra-$-$$

I was introduced to Elle Macpherson brand when I was pregnant with my second child. Pretty garment that fits great. BUT she also makes a pretty bra that fits great on big boobies! YES! Unfortunately, the back sizes are not very large in this brand, they only go up to a 38 but the cup sizes do make up for this. The facbrics are soft and stretchy, have nice structure and really hold you in.



I have tried many other brands that ladies SWEAR by and honestly they didn’t work out for me. If you have a brand that you love, leave a comment. I would love to know what your favorite brand of bra is for a large bust/full figure and why.

I am currently in the process of trying other brands and will be doing ANOTHER Bra/Lingerie Review soon! So Subscribe and stay tuned…


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